Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get for the $199 sales package or $99 rental package?

Please click on the ’Sell My Property’ or ‘Rent Out My Property” links from the many or homepage. On the right-hand side of each page, you will see the full list of current inclusions.

Is my online payment secure?

Yes. Our site is secured with SLL encryption. You can verify whether or not a site is secure by accessing it via https:// instead of http:// Your payment on our site is secure, and do not store any credit card details; these are simply processed by our Credit Card Merchant.

How soon after I have paid can I get started?

Immediately. As soon as you have ordered and paid for your account you will receive an email in real-time which will allow you to create an account and create your property listing.

How soon after reactivation an existing property can I access it?

If you have previously listed with us and have your property in our system, you will be able to access it almost immediately after payment. For some older accounts, it may take a little longer but at most this should not take more than an hour or so. You can then make any changes you like before making it live on all websites again.

How do I create and edit my property listing?

You will have access to a secured members site where you can write your description, enter the price, upload photos, and enter all fields related to your property. You can log in at any time thereafter and make changes whenever you like. There is no need to contact us should you wish to update or change anything.

Can you assist with creating my advertisement?

Yes. Should you need help uploading photos etc. we are more than happy to assist. Having said that, the creation of your listing is very straight forward and intuitive, and most people are able to create their ad within 20 minutes or so.

How many photos can I upload?

You can upload up to 35 photos, 2 floor plans, a property video and 2 interactive tours. Whilst these fields are not required, you will need to have 1 photo of the property being sold or rented at a minimum.

How long will it take for my advertisement to show up on and and other sites?

In most cases, your listing will appear on all sites within an hour of you having finished your listing and having confirmed that you are ready for it to go live. Some of the smaller portals can sometimes take a little longer but generally within 2 hours it will be on all websites. Once published any changes to your advertisement are sent through automatically and typically you’ll see these updates within ten minutes or so.

Won’t be people get confused and think my listing is for sale or for rent?

No. On your actual listing it will only show “For Sale” or “For Rent”.

What happens when someone makes an enquiry?

If a prospective buyer or tenant makes an online enquiry using the forms provided by each of the various websites, these are sent through to you within 10 minutes, 24/7. You will then have the contact details of the person who made the enquiry and will be able to get in touch with them straight away. The person who has made the enquiry will then also get an email with your contact details.

Can I access 1Form?

Yes. All rental properties are configured so that tenants can lodge completed 1Form applications, which can include all their supporting documents such as photo ID, payslips etc. These will be sent through to you for your consideration. 1Form is for agencies only, and so you do not need, nor should you, create your own 1Form account.

What happens when my property has been sold or rented?

Simply log in to your account and change the status accordingly. Your advertisement will then be moved to the sold section of various websites or will be removed from all sites if you choose to remove it rather than changing it to sold. For rental properties you can either change the status to leased or withdrawn. This will then also be updated on all sites shortly thereafter.

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